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Memphis' Google Fiber channel
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Memphis Mayor AC Wharton
Hook Memphis Up

Kerry Hayes, Mayor's Specialist for Research and Innovation
Russell Ingram intro, President, Memphis Coalition for Advanced Networking
Russell Ingram, President, Memphis Coalition for Advanced Networking
Charles Gulotta, Economic Development Director, Shelby County, Tennessee
Kevin Kane, President, Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau
Dr. Shirley Raines, President, University of Memphis
Doug Hurley, VP for IT, University of Memphis
Ralph Faudree, Provost, University of Memphis
Pres. William Troutt, et al, Rhodes College
Dr. John Smarrelli, President, Christian Brothers University
David Williams, CEO, Leadership Memphis
Gary Shorb, CEO, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare
Thomas Hobson, Director, Child Life Services, Methodist Le Bonheur
Dr. William Evans, CEO, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Keenan McCloy, Director, Memphis and Shelby County Public Library and Information Center
Mark Heaston, Coordinator Information Tech, Memphis Fire Department
Susan Sanford, President & CEO, Mid-South Food Bank
Andre Gibson, Memphis City Beautiful co-chair
Marvin Stockwell, Public Relations Manager, Church Health Center
Dr. Steven J. Bares, President and Executive Director of the Memphis Bioworks Foundation
Brandon Wellford, Chief Financial Officer, Memphis Bioworks Foundation
Peter Nelson, AgBio Co-Coordinator for Memphis AgBioworks
Memphis Google Cheer from BioWorks
Spike Lee says Hook Up Memphis
LunaWeb Bring Google Fiber to Memphis! (entertainment)
AAltSys Technology supports Google fiber in Memphis
Bellevue Middle School kids invite Google to Memphis
Memphis Grizzlies Grizz Girls
IT consultant Jeremy Simpson
Charlie, DeCleyre Library
Larry Dodson of the Barkays and his son
Why Memphis should get GOOGLE FIBER!!!
Bring Fiber to Memphis
Some of the Many Reasons
Travis Cantrell & Chuck Howard- "Jamming for Google Fiber to Memphis"
Memphian Suzanne
Memphian Marcie Evans
Memphian Christy T
Memphian Tanya
Memphian Dan
Memphian LaSoundria Washington
Memphian Roxann Patterson
Memphian Latasha Staples
Memphian Jermelle Hillard
Memphian Tiffanie Randle
Memphian Tamara Rush
Memphian Oran Stewart
4 guys
Mostly Comedy for Google Fiber
Memphis Comedy for Google Fiber
Dr Harold Toboggans on Google Fiber for Memphis (Memphis Comedy)
Memphis Comedy for Google Fiber
Medley- we give you Memphis, Tennessee
Mark Bell, Bring Google Fiber to Memphis