Google has not published its decision criteria for the Google Fiber project. They have given some hints, and everyone probably has their own thoughts about what the criteria might be. These are my thoughts:
1. Benefits to Google
2. Benefits to the chosen community

Of course, these are very general, so I suggest these more specific criteria:
1. Interest and dedication shown by the local leadership.
2. Interest and dedication shown by the local community.
3. Ability and resources of the applicant to work with Google on implementing the project.
4. Creativity and feasibility of specific proposed applications for Google Fiber.
5. Financial and technical resources of the local community to implement the project jointly with Google. (In part this may mean local commitments- govt, NGO’s, businesses, individuals- of dollars to the project).
6. Diversity of the community- a. not too big, not too small, b. not too little technology, not too much, c. not too rich, not too poor.

I’d like to encourage the community to think about all of these, and to continue to build our case until Google’s final decision. We should show our interest, knowledge, ideas, and resources throughout this period. After all, the Web is dynamic. Our application is in, but everything on the Net when Google evaluates us strengthen of our case– more YouTubes, more letters from supporters, more application ideas, ongoing expressions of interest on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere.

Let’s keep it going…!!!!!